Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A built-up plate member consisting of flanges welded to a web of variable depth.
A panel assembly consisting of an insulated core material sandwiched between an interior and exterior skin panel. Sometimes called Sandwich Panel.

Minimum width of the ventilator air inlet.

A horizontal component of a reaction.
A fractional allowance for variations from the specified standard weight, dimensions, etc., of mechanical construction.
A metal way for wheeled components, specifically one or more lines of ways, with fastenings, ties, etc., for a craneway, monorail or sliding door.

Allowing the passage of light, but not permitting a clear view of any object. A translucent material is semi-transparent or semi-clear.
From sidewall to sidewall of a building.
The horizontal step of a staircase.
Pre-formed light gauge metal used as a cover to cut edges, sides or junctions of sheeting.