Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms

A steel member with an 'H' cross section.
Reinforcement bars used in distributing forces from the column foundation to the floor slab.

Horizontal and vertical pipes fixed to stair stringers, edges of mezzanine floors, openings in floors and platform walkways.
A large multi-leaf door that is used in aircraft hangars or similar buildings.

Intersection of the column and rafter. Also referred to as Knee.
A horizontal member over an opening in a wall.

Any bolt made from steel having a tensile strength in excess of 690 megapascal (MPa). Some examples are: ASTM A325, A354, A449 and A490.
A washer having non-parallel faces normally used on brace cables or rods. Also known as Bevel Washer.

See Pinned Base.
A lifting device that is mechanically, electrically or manually operated.