Zamil Steel celebrates 2004 record achievements at Annual Sales Conference

Monday, 28th March 2005

Zamil Steel's worldwide sales teams, certified builders and agents celebrated the company's remarkable achievements in 2004 at the company's Annual Sales Conference, which was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain recently.

Zamil Steel is committed to anticipating and meeting the various needs of its clients around the globe and the event - which was held under the theme of 'Meeting Your Future Needs' - largely focused on the developments and changes it is making in order to ready itself for the future.

In his opening address, Khalid Abdullah Al Zamil, President of Zamil Steel, congratulated his audience for the tremendous success in 2004 despite the dramatic and unpredictable price escalations that affected the steel industry throughout the year. "The outstanding performance of the entire Zamil Steel Sales team and supporting departments, as well as the dedicated efforts of our certified builders and agents, are responsible for the considerable growth we have achieved in terms of sales, engineering output, production, exports and the territorial expansion of our business," said Khalid Al Zamil. In 2004, Zamil Steel sales rose by 63 %, production capacity was raised by 30 % and engineering output increased by 40% over 2003.

"We have implemented a number of innovative business initiatives aimed to sustain our growth and enhance our operational efficiencies to meet the growing needs of our clients worldwide. We have created a 'Special Projects Department' and a 'Project Management Department' both responsible for mega projects with complex features which require unique design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities", added Khaled Al Zamil.

The conference also underscored the success of the company's strategic path launched last year by Zamil Steel's Pre-engineered Buildings business unit. Termed 'KEIR' (pronounced care) an acronym for Knowledge, Efficiency, Innovation and Reliability, the strategic path aims to focus efforts, processes, systems and developments around these four elements to maximize value for our customers and to meet our partners and shareholders' expectations.

"We will continue to build upon our successes in 2004. We have a clearly articulated mission and vision for each business unit in Zamil Steel and a clearly laid out road map for implementation. We assess every opportunity to increase our market share and create strategic alliances to expand our international presence and capabilities", said Adnan Al Mansour, Vice President, Zamil Steel.

The Annual Sales Conference was preceded by intensive technical workshops to keep international sales staff abreast of the latest developments at Zamil Steel. "It also provides the opportunity to gain a complete business perspective through direct interaction amongst colleagues from our global network", concluded Adnan Al Mansour.

The event was also attended by senior management of Zamil Steel in Saudi, Egypt and Vietnam and Zamil Industrial Investment Company.