Zamil Steel Vietnam (ZSV) Leads the Way

Sunday, 1st July 2001

Anticipating the rapid economic expansion of Vietnam, and correctly predicting the resultant upsurge in demand for industrial buildings, Zamil Steel of Saudi Arabia introduced its 'Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB)' system to Vietnam in 1993.

In terms of speed of construction and value for money, the PEB system is vastly superior to other, comparable building systems. It consists of a complete prefabricated steel frame with pre-designed components to best suit the unique requirements of the customer. The PEB system is able to convert complex and expensive structural steel building designs into simpler and more practical buildings without sacrificing the utility and basic function of these buildings.

Zamil Steel's achievements and engineering innovations have set the standards, which other PEB companies must strive to emulate. Zamil Steel Buildings Company Limited of Saudi Arabia was founded in 1977 and has since supplied more than 25,000 buildings to over 60 countries. To serve the increasing demands of the South East Asian market for pre-engineered steel buildings, the company established Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co. Ltd. (ZSV) in 1997 as a 100 per cent Foreign Invested Enterprise.

Today ZSV is the only pre-engineered building manufacturer in the South East Asian region who can design, fabricate, and supply complete building systems under one roof and one managerial responsibility. It currently operates through a network of ten area offices located in nine South East Asian countries to ensure it keeps abreast of the latest local information and is in a position to offer the best possible service to its customers. ZSV sales staff live locally and are ready to address customers individual needs and to provide free-of-charge advice.

The factory of ZSV is located in the Noi Bai Industrial Zone in Hanoi. It is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery and has the capacity to produce 125,000 square meters of pre-engineered steel buildings per month. This production capacity, enhanced by high-tech engineering and production processes, enables ZSV to offer its customers the best value for money.

George Kobrossy, Director of ZSV, puts it this way: 'We believe that our human resources, technology and machinery are the best available at this time within the pre-engineered buildings industry. In addition, innovative material handling and fabrication procedures are developed and followed at this plant. This reduces the production time of the building components, thereby providing better delivery schedules to our clients. The geographical location of the factory also helps us to reduce the freight time to destinations in South East Asia, ultimately reducing the turn-around-time for projects'.

Production in the Vietnam factory began in 1999, and using that as the base year, ZSV's average monthly production doubled in the year 2000 and is expected to be tripled in 2001. ZSV has continuously improved its market share in Vietnam and established itself as the industry leader. Now ZSV aims to export its products and strive to improve its position in all South East Asian markets.

To date ZSV has delivered more than 400 buildings to various destinations in the South East Asian region.