Largest building delivered to europe

Thursday, 1st June 2000

Zamil Steel has delivered its largest building to Europe since embarking on a sales campaign in Europe 15 months ago. Despite its high engineering complexity, the 26,400 sq. m. building was ready for shipment from Dammam to Poland in a record time of only four weeks, the second PEB delivered to the country.

"It was a monumental challenge for all of us, as we had to deliver the building to the job site in Poland in seven weeks," said Achraf Kassem, Zamil Steel's Builder Development Manager, who was assigned as the Project Manager for this fast-track job.

"The building had to be engineered, manufactured, shipped to Jeddah overland, then shipped to Hamburg by sea, then overland again to the outskirts of Warsaw. Our responsibility included the clearance of the building at the German/Polish boarders, which happened during the Christmas vacation," he added.

Erection of the 1200 metric tonne building, which was also under the scope of Zamil Steel, was completed in less than 13 weeks. "Our subcontracted erectors did an outstanding job. Despite the harsh cold weather and heavy snow falls, erection continued around the clock and the building was erected within the agreed time period, "added Kassem.

The pre-engineered steel building is a multi-gable building 100 meters wide and 264 meters long. It was designed to meet Polish building code requirements and to withstand the heavy snow loads as required by the code.

"Once again, we got our ultimate prize by adding another happy and satisfied customer to our list of clients, "said Kassem. Zamil Steel began its marketing drive into Europe 15 months ago and has sold buildings in eight European countries to date.