Zamil Steel Factory in Vietnam

Friday, 1st October 1999

Saudi-based Zamil Steel has commenced trial production in its new pre-engineered steel buildings (PEBs) factory in Hanoi, Vietnam.

"Our plant will have a monthly capacity of 100,000 sq. m of pre-engineered steel buildings and will target the South East Asia markets," said Muhammad Al-Khudhairi, General Manager of the factory.

"The new plant will significantly enhance our ability to meet customers' demands and specifications, giving us an additional competitive edge in the international market," he added.

"The new production facility is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world.  State-of-the-art-technology in machinery and material handling have been adopted to speed up the production process and to reduce the delivery of PEBs to six weeks, from the current international average of eight weeks," added Al-Khudhairi.

Zamil Steel is currently the largest manufacturer of pre-engineered buildings in Asia and Africa, with sales reaching US$ 150 million in 1998. Its main plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia currently produces 250,000 sq. m of pre-engineeredsteel buildings a month.

Besides its pre-engineered buildings factories, the company has two other factories in Saudi Arabia: one  dedicated to the manufacture of heavy structural steel for projects such as steel mills, power plants and   petrochemical facilities, and another for the design and fabrication of galvanized lattice towers.

In 1991, the company initiated its "Vision 2000" programme, an ambitious plan to transform the company from a regional manufacturer of PEBs to the world's leading exporter of these buildings by the end of the century. The goal was achieved in the 1996.