Projects Gallery

We have successfully designed, developed, constructed many key civil engineering and infrastructure projects throughout the Kingdom, including factories, shopping malls, warehouses, distribution centers, offices, corporate showrooms, aircraft hangars, workshops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and more.

<br><b>Client:</b> Zamil Group | Zamil Alpla Middle East<br><b>Usage:</b> Zamil Alpla Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Zamil Alpla Factory
Zamil Group | Zamil Alpla Middle East
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Arabian<br><b>Usage:</b> Dammam Mall<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Dammam Mall
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Guardian Saudi International<br><b>Usage:</b> Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Guardian Saudi International
Jubail, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Ali A. Tamimi / SESCO<br><b>Usage:</b> Industrial Facilities Warehouse Compound<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Industrial Facilities Warehouse Compound
Ali A. Tamimi / SESCO
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Ma'aden<br><b>Usage:</b> Process Building<br><b>Job Site:</b> Saudi Arabia

Process Building
Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Ras Tanura Refinery<br><b>Usage:</b> Revamping<br><b>Job Site:</b> Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Ras Tanura Refinery
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Zamil Group<br><b>Usage:</b> Zamil Tanks Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Saudi Arabia

Zamil Tanks Factory
Zamil Group
Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Eastern Cement<br><b>Usage:</b> Cement Factory<br><b>Job Site:</b> Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Cement Factory
Eastern Cement
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

<br><b>Client:</b> Semac & Partners LLC<br><b>Usage:</b> Al Jazeera Steel Rolling Mills<br><b>Job Site:</b> Sohar, Oman

Al Jazeera Steel Rolling Mills
Semac & Partners LLC
Sohar, Oman