Construction Terms

A supplement to documents, issued prior to taking receipt of bids, for the purpose of clarifying, correcting, or otherwise changing bid documents previously issued.
A document setting forth the relationships and obligations between two parties, as the Construction Management and owner or contractor and owner. It may incorporate other documents by reference.
The bidder who has submitted the lowest bid for a division of work described in bid documents, a proposal form, or proposed contract.
The list of contractors that have been prequalified for the purpose of submitting responsible, competitive bids.
Changes in the contract documents that have been subjected to an agreed upon change approval process and have been approved by the party empowered to approve such changes.
Drawings (plans) that show the work, as actually installed. Also known as Record Drawings.
Bolts which fasten columns, girders or other members to concrete or masonry such as bolts used to anchor sills to masonry foundation.