The large facility allows for manufacture of complete towers under one roof. It is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery for angle and plates and fully automated material handling equipments. With a fabrication capacity of 60,000 MT/Year and galvanizing capacity of 40,000 MT/Year.

Production Planning Control (PPC)

Production Planning Control Department is monitoring and controlling the entire manufacturing process - starting from ordering of raw materials through fabrication, galvanizing, packing and delivery. Before finalizing a contract, PPC checks customers' specific requirements, available plant capacity, jobs on hand, delivery schedule of on-going jobs and material schedule. PPC prepares fabrication start date, work duration and delivery schedule. The computerization of the entire manufacturing process ensures close monitoring of the fabrication process and quality of the product.

Shop Assembly

A large area is provided for check erection of proto type towers. Proto type tower assembly is done prior to mass production by experienced erection crews who check every part of the tower to ensure that every member and connection is in conformance with the approved drawings.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

The facility is equipped with a highly efficient automated galvanizing system, which provides high quality hot-dip galvanized product conforming to ASTM and BS Standards. A dichromate solution is applied to protect the galvanized coating during transport and storage. The zinc bath size is 10M long x 1M wide x 1.5M deep. Extra capacity of plant can be utilized for galvanizing steel beams, channels and angles for other local customers. New galvanizing plant will be installed shortly, which will be environment friendly.

Packing and Shipping

One of the most important aspects of towers manufacture is the proper marking and packing of many different parts to ensure traceability for fast and accurate erection when it arrives at the job site. Material is marked and loaded exactly as specified by the customer. Packing is done as per ZTGC standard packing technique to ensure maximum protection and safe arrival at destination.

Project Management

Project management department monitors the implementation of job and co-ordinates with the internal functions to complete the deliveries in time and also co-ordinates with customs/clients to update them on project status.