We have successfully carried out designs and load testings up to 400Kv double circuit towers
          - with quadruple conductors

The Engineering Department is responsible for all structural design & drawing activities. All the activities starting from collecting technical parameters, preparation of design/drawing, getting approval from customer, up to distribution of latest approved drawings to the factory for production are controlled by Engineering Department with a Quality System conforming to ISO 9001:2008.


All structures are designed by using GT STRUDL® computer program. GT STRUDL® is a world-renowned software developed by Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Georgia, USA. This is a versatile program used for analyzing any three-dimensional structure, both for frame & truss type of analysis. For tower modeling & design, this software has a customized module designated 'Tower Code'. The program analyses tower structures in conformance with ASCE Manual.

Detailed Drawings / Shop Sketches

Drawings are drafted by a computer software known as BOCAD®. This software not only enables us to speed up preparation of drawings, but also ensures automatic generation of Bill of Material, Bolt/Nut statement & piece mark drawings for fabrication. The CNC data from the drawings can be transferred on line automatically from BOCAD® system to the machines.


The tower analysis is also carried using the software "iTOWERSTL" & "iTOWERSMW" developed by IMI Software Limited, India. These software's consists of several sub-programs that are application specific to Transmission line Towers and Microwave Towers.

The tower is treated as a 3 dimensional space truss by the software for the calculation of member forces and tower deformations. The user is required to specify tower geometry, tower loading. The software has great graphical user interface that facilitates modelling of the tower by the user.

The software calculates wind loads (with ice and without ice). The program analyses tower structures in accordance with ASCE 10-97, ANSI/TIA/EIA - 222 - F - 1996, ANSI/TIA/EIA - 222 - G - 2005.

Tower Load Testing

We have the privilege of successfully designing & testing various types of towers up to 400Kv. We have tested tower types designed for various types of phase formation (vertical, horizontal & triangular). We utilize approved tower testing facilities in Saudi Arabia, Italy, Korea and India.

All the above Testing Stations have been evaluated based on their modern and reliable equipments, better testing facilities & good experience.